Friday, 26 February 2010

ELF Haul! Studio Range....

Hey girls...

So my Elf order came, yaaay!  Very quickly - like the nexy day!!  As well as getting my lashes, the hollywood lashes and the party lashes kit as I said in my previous post, I decided to order some more things as there was a free shipping code for orders over £10 :)

I got the Shimmer palette

Shimmer Palette

Complexion perfection palette

Complexion Perfection
Blush and bronzer compact

Blush and Bronzer Compact
Bronzers in 'warm'

Lip gloss charms for my phone :)

Hypershine Mini Mobile Lip Gloss Charms

and another elf blush brush

Took pics of my little stash but left my camera at home and I'm work at the min, grrr! 

Soooo excited to use the shimmer palette!  The very first thing I noticed with them was how smooth and creamy and blendable they were, was not expecting that at all!!  Was expecting them to be very hard and sticky but very impressed with them.  Think I will use them as an eye base and for shimmer on my cheeks, face etc.

The bronzers are very good but this is just me swatching them, need to play with them for a few weeks before I make my mind up!

So yes, very impressed with the studio range so far - its my first time I have bought anything. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

EYELASH shopping!! Take 2...

Hey girlies!!

So.. after having a nightmare trying to put on false eyelashes for the first time EVER,losing my temper and ripping the lashes up (RIP Cheryl lashes) I had to buy some more off the ELF website haha...

I got the party lashes kit to try out and these will be good for my moulin rouge party night out if I can apply them!

And I also bought the Hollywood Lash Kit...

cos I wanted the eyelash tool thingy that comes with it!!

(Click here to see where I heard about it!! ....Moonbeamstarlight )

Never seen anyone use this before so you might find this helpful :)

If I STILL cant apply them then I will scream!!

Anyone tried this tool before?? I tried to use my eyelash curlers instead but clearly did not work!!

Cant wait for this to come!!


Sunday, 21 February 2010

My first time applying false lashes!!


Arghhhh I cant do it :(

Firstly I found - the glue Duo adhesive I got off ebay is exactly the same as my hair extension glue so could have just used that! 

Secondly - I just dont have a clue how to apply these!  Looks straight forward but doing it, was soooo annoying!  Couldnt get the right angle to see what I was doing, I ruined my eye makeup, I couldnt get them near to the lash line, couldnt get them to stick! bla bla bla I looked silly my boyfriend was just laughing at me haha

Not sure if I want to try these again - did anyone else have these problems???!!  How long did it take you to get them right??



Monday, 15 February 2010

LUSH lip scrub!


Im afraid to say that I have gone off this!! :(

I really liked it at first and thennn I found that when I applied it to my lips it kind of just fell off!! If that makes any sense???!!  Even when dipping my finger in it kind of just fell off my finger too.  Hmm might be being a bit too fussy as I know its only to scrub your lips and then you put a balm over it but its just a little too messy.

it does TASTE lovely though haha yummmmm


Small Avon haul :)

Hey girls,

Haven't really been buying much makeup lately due to 'trying' to save up! 
Got a few bits from the avon this week :) and quite excited about trying out the nude nail polishes I have finally got!

Nails:  Nailwear pro in the colour perfectly flesh and a speed dry nail colour in ballerina!  Looking forward to putting them on, hope they turn out nice!!

Lips: Pink Bouquet lip liner and a glazewear shine lipgloss in 'nude'.  Loving all the nude stuff at the minute

Face: Illuminator which you put on under foundation for that 'dewy' look.  Was on offer and wanted to try it for a while.

Thats it!!  A small one - swatches up soon :)

Does anyone else have the nail colours??  What do you think?!!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Coming soon!!

  • Fun Moulin Rouge look!!

I am going out in 5 weeks with a load of girls dressed up as this theme :)
Going to be practising my makeup, any ideas girls??!!
  • Review - Duo Eyelash Adhesive! 
Heard this is the best eyelash glue to use so I have ordered a tube.  Again I am wanting to wear some dramatic false lashes for my moulin rouge night so will review this glue at the same time.  Only lash glue I have tried is the glue that comes with the Elf lashes - not very good at all! Looking forward to trying :)
Any tips for this lash glue??!!  I will end up in hospital trying to use it!