Monday, 15 February 2010

LUSH lip scrub!


Im afraid to say that I have gone off this!! :(

I really liked it at first and thennn I found that when I applied it to my lips it kind of just fell off!! If that makes any sense???!!  Even when dipping my finger in it kind of just fell off my finger too.  Hmm might be being a bit too fussy as I know its only to scrub your lips and then you put a balm over it but its just a little too messy.

it does TASTE lovely though haha yummmmm



  1. I think you're using it wrong honey. Just push your into the pot. A teeny tiny bit will stick to your finger and then use your finger to scrub your lips. You don't need a chunk of it, just a tiny tiny bit. That will do a lip then just do the same again for the other lip. None will fall off your finger or your lips because there isn't enough!

  2. Maybe you use use Vaseline to prevent it from falling off? Or you could simply do your own lip scrub out of Vaseline and sugar (=

  3. Thanks girls, gonna try again!! maybe using too much :( xxx