Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Coming soon!!

  • Fun Moulin Rouge look!!

I am going out in 5 weeks with a load of girls dressed up as this theme :)
Going to be practising my makeup, any ideas girls??!!
  • Review - Duo Eyelash Adhesive! 
Heard this is the best eyelash glue to use so I have ordered a tube.  Again I am wanting to wear some dramatic false lashes for my moulin rouge night so will review this glue at the same time.  Only lash glue I have tried is the glue that comes with the Elf lashes - not very good at all! Looking forward to trying :)
Any tips for this lash glue??!!  I will end up in hospital trying to use it!


  1. Duo lash glue is the bomb. You'll never use anything else :)

    Tips? The best was to apply your lash glue to your lash is simple. Squeeze a stripe of glue onto your hand. Wait a minute to let it get tacky/sticky. Then dip your lashes evenly into the glue. Don't apply straight to the lashes, it's too messy and will most likely go on all the wrong parts.


  2. Thanks for that - still havnt got any decent lashes yet! Cant wait to try them - which lashes do you use? xx

  3. I use an Australian brand called 'Gorgeous Cosmetics', they're some of the best lashes I've ever used. Unfortunately they aren't available internationally yet.

    MAC lashes are a good place to start out, decent quality makes them a lot easier to apply ^.^