Sunday, 21 February 2010

My first time applying false lashes!!


Arghhhh I cant do it :(

Firstly I found - the glue Duo adhesive I got off ebay is exactly the same as my hair extension glue so could have just used that! 

Secondly - I just dont have a clue how to apply these!  Looks straight forward but doing it, was soooo annoying!  Couldnt get the right angle to see what I was doing, I ruined my eye makeup, I couldnt get them near to the lash line, couldnt get them to stick! bla bla bla I looked silly my boyfriend was just laughing at me haha

Not sure if I want to try these again - did anyone else have these problems???!!  How long did it take you to get them right??




  1. I like false eyelashes. I didnt have any problem when I applied mine the first time...did you use black eyeliner on the lash line?? maybe you need a better glue??

    if you practice you will probably get the hang of it :)

  2. I used to have the same prob, untill I tried the girls aloud ones. I first tried Cheryls and found them a piss of piss to apply lol. Now I have all the others too hehe.


  3. Keisha, I put duo lash glue on and also put eye liner on first :( Im just crap! haha

    Jo - yeh thats what I got, the cheryl cole ones :)

    Think i just need to practice practice!! :)