Tuesday, 23 February 2010

EYELASH shopping!! Take 2...

Hey girlies!!

So.. after having a nightmare trying to put on false eyelashes for the first time EVER,losing my temper and ripping the lashes up (RIP Cheryl lashes) I had to buy some more off the ELF website haha...

I got the party lashes kit to try out and these will be good for my moulin rouge party night out if I can apply them!

And I also bought the Hollywood Lash Kit...

cos I wanted the eyelash tool thingy that comes with it!!

(Click here to see where I heard about it!! ....Moonbeamstarlight )

Never seen anyone use this before so you might find this helpful :)

If I STILL cant apply them then I will scream!!

Anyone tried this tool before?? I tried to use my eyelash curlers instead but clearly did not work!!

Cant wait for this to come!!



  1. Lol yay I am not the only one who struggles with false eyelashes! Took me a while to get use to them, but you'll get there!
    Those type of tools helped me out heaps but eventually I learnt to do it just using tweezers!

    Good luckkkkkk :)