Saturday, 30 January 2010

Superdrug Haul & GOSH Darling!


I went to superdrug earlier as I have read a LOT of people raving about the Gosh lipstick darling.  I wanted to see what all the fuss as about so I got one, yay, the last in the shop!  Looking forward to using this as I haven't really been into the whole Nude lips so I'm really excited about it!  Im kind of in a makeup rut at the moment so need inspiration. 

This colour looks gorgeous on a lot of people's pics in blogs :)

I also got 3 more of my FAVE ever foundations but all in different colours!  Its the Loreal True Match foundation.  I fake tan so every day my colouring is different!  I normally use the shade N4 which I got again but bought it in W1 and W3 also for the days when I am really pale or in between.  These were the only shades left so just got them - not sure how they will look on my skin! 

Swatches of Barry M lip products

Got another Barry M lipgloss too - love these, the number on this one is 4 and more of an iced pink colour.  Its smells like strawberry hubba bubba!!! lovely!  Also got the Lip Lacquer crayon in number 5 but not sure what this is!  the colour is just pretty, does anyone else have this?!  Am looking forward to experimenting with it all.  Im supposed to be saving money :(  its not working!!


Barry M Lip Gloss Bright Pink!

Hey girlies,

I purchased my first Barry M lip gloss the other day just because the colour stood out straight away and it smells like bubble gum!  I couldn't resist! 

It doesn't have a name on the gloss just the number 5 and here it is...

here it is swatched on my arm

Here I am kissing you all hehe - quickly swatched on my lips, ignore my messy hair I hadn't done it!

Really love this - If I nude out my lips before I put it on it will definitely be a lot brighter so will try this out soon :)  Smells gorgeous - exactly like bubble gum yum!

Does anyone else have this lipgloss?  I am wanting to purchase some more xx

Thursday, 28 January 2010

LUSH Goodies!!


So as I mentioned yesterday I went to Lush today and bought a lip scrub yaaaay!  I heard about these on WSITN's youtube account as they were a different brand? and Lush was taking them over etc... soooo as I have really really dry scabby horrible lips I wanted them straight away!  I have looked everywhere for Lip exfoliators and could never find them. 

While I was in there I got a tree Tree Water spray as I also read on someone's blog, cant remember, that if you have really really dry skin, you spray this on your face and it prepares your skin to accept your moisturuser!  But when I have bought it - its a toner? Hmm not sure I will have to try this out!

The lip scrub?  I LOVE it!!  I am at work now and cant stop applying it to my lips :)  The ingredients are caster sugar, oils, flavourings etc and this aint good for my diet as I keep licking it off hehe.  I got the flavour Mint Julips which is a peppermint and chocolate flavour. mmmm.  I did want the strawberry one but the sales assistant they sold out almost immediately and that they are getting a delivery in tomorrow noooooooooo why did she have to tell me that?! I am supposed to be saving money!  i want it I want it I want it!

All my flakiness has gone already and only bought it an hour ago!  I then applied my vaseline and my lips feel so smooth.  This is my new fave lip product :)  I know your thinking its only a lip scrub jeez but seriously - I have never come across anything like this before as lip balm alone does not heal my chapped lips!

Does anyone have the Tea Tree Water?  What do you think of it?!


REVIEW - Miss Sporty Nail Polish. Fun CHEAP colours!

Hey girlies!

I was looking for some CHEAP fun colourful nail polishes and came across these.  The brand is Miss Sporty and Iv only ever seen these in Superdrug in the UK.  When I got them they were on offer, buy two get one free and they're £1.99 each so £4 for 3 colours isnt too bad!! 

I got Blue, Orange and a sort of Purpley Colour!  I only needed one coat of each and took 1 min to dry and overall i think they're very good for the price!

Heres some pics.  Ignore my orangey hands I had just put my tan on!  When washed off the next day it doesnt look so orange :) 

(Always wanted to do this nail with the bottle pose hehe!!)


These dont have colour names on the bottles :(  But never mind!  They're ok just to throw on and very cheap too!

No7 nail polish, Speed Dry, ICED MOCHA colour swatch!


So here is the colour I got the other day from Boots, No7 with my voucher!  The name is Iced Mocha.

To be honest I am not really keen on the colour - I was wanting a nudey kind of colour but there didnt seem to be one and there were loads of people around trying to look at the same time as me and I was getting stressed and grabbed this!

Its a very subtle shimmery colour - its ok I guess!  Cant really tell from the picture sorry, I am still trying to work out the best settings for my camera!  I did take the flash off but looked awful.

What are you fave No7 nails colours?! 

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

REVIEW - St Tropez Mousse Tan vs St Moriz!

Hey girls!

I absolutely love St Tropez Tanning Mousse and is my fave ever! 

Id heard a lot of good reviews of St Moriz and when I saw this in my local home bargains shop in town I had to get it!  Its was only £2.99!! WOW

So what did I think?? To be honest I was thinking it was not going to even compare to St tropez, St tropez is the best bla bla bla but I was quite surprised!!  I have been testing this for over 2 months now as I wanted to get a good overall conclusion of it.  Here is what I think and its just my opinion :)

Good Points:

  • Bigger Bottle - 200ml.  St Tropez is 120ml
  • Price is £2.99.  Bargain!  St Tropez is £20.00
  • Lovely and light texture and really really smooth to blend in - I am thinking it is even smoother to blend than St Tropez! :O
  • Dries quickly - about the same as St Tropez.

Bad Points:

  • Bit orangey!!  If that even makes sense!  When applying St tropez it appears a lovely dark bronzy colour and this appears more orange on my skin.  Not a horrible scary orange - just compared to St tropez I could tell a little bit of a difference.   Not sure what tint it has but I know St Tropez has the green tint in it to stop it from going orange on the skin. 
  • Smelly!!  Haha they all do in my opinion though so nothing major.  This just smells more than St Tropez as thats what I am comparing it to.  The smell came almost straight away wheras St Tropez smells quite nice to begin with.
  • Fading colour is a bit more noticable.  Very patchy when its starting to wear off - I found I had to work harder to get it off with my exfoliator.  Also had to moisturise more.

So overall i think this is a very good product if you are wanting something similar to the St Tropez mousse.  It applys extremely well with a tanning mitt, it just glides on :) 

Price is amazing!  Will use this every couple of days and keep my St Tropez for special occasions as its a bit pricey!

What does everyone else think??


LUSH lip scrubs!


Walked past Lush and it dragged me in!  They have the new Lip Scrubs in that I have been waiting for yaaaaaay!  Didnt have my bank card on me so couldnt get them - gutted!  Hoping to get these tomorrow, although I didnt see the strawberry one, boooo!! 

My lips are really really dry and always flaky and horrible!  so hoping these will exfoliate and repair them.


Small boots and WH Smith haul :)

Hey girlies,

Ran to boots yesterday after reading Jo had been! Got a few things as I had 4 £5 No7/ruby vouchers to spend, woo! 
I was looking for an eye cream but really have no idea what to get!  Any ideas??  All the eye creams I have had just sting like crazy I must have a super duper sensitive eye area :(  Or I am just picking up totally rubbish creams?!! 
I have tried an avon anew eye cream but didn't think too much of it to be honest :(

Anyway this is what I got:

SDC14384.jpg picture by danipoops

I got Lauren's book! yeeey!  Kept meaning to get this, I love Lauren, Im always watching her on youtube and she's from the north! hehe.  Have flicked through it but havent read it properly to be honest. 

Anyone else have this?? :)

From boots I got a face wash, an eye makeup remover and a speed dry nail colour (forgot the name, I am at work blogging at the moment so will get this when I go home) and the sales lady recommended the new Radiance Booster hot cleansing cloth to me so will have to try that out!  Its basically a cream you put all over your face and then you get a muslin cloth inside and you run it under a hot tap, squeeze excess water off and lay with it over your face.  The lady said it was like having a lovely facial at a salon haha so cant wait to try that!

 Byeee x

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Products I am using at the moment

I have seen this on a few blogs recently and decided to do it on mine after reading Jo's blog (Beautylicious love) :)  Hope you dont mind!!

Here goes -

1) Primer: I dont really use a primer.  The only one I do have is a small travel size sample of smashbox photo finish.  Its ok but not sure what difference it makes to be honest

2) Foundation: L'oreal true match.  I love this cos its so light and blendable

3) Concealer: Gosh undereye concealer but I am on a mission to find a really good one as I have really bad circles.

4) Powder: None!  My skin is too dry.  I do use Mac prep and prime on my T zone.

5) Bronzer: Fake bake bronzy babe or benefit hula

6) Blush: Mac duo Moon river

7) Highlighter: Moon river (above)

8) Eyeshadow Base: Urban decay PP

9) Eyeshadow: Too faced natural shadow palette.  The every day wear look - cant remember the names of them :S

10) Liner: Elf liner

11) Mascara: Maybeline colossal

12) Face Wash: Clear skin daily exfoliator although I do think I should try a new one!

13) Cleanser: None.

14) Eye Cream: None :(  I should though!

15) Serum: None at the moment - I got a 7 day sample of Estee Lauder night serum from and that was nice so may purchase the full size :)  check it out if you havent been on the website yet!

16) Moisturiser: Nivea (the blue one!)

17) Body Moisturiser: Ted baker body butter that I got from a gift set at xmas :) yumm

18) Shampoo: Herbal essences, extra shine.  Not really liking this so going toswitch it up

19) Conditioner: Cant remember the name - the conditioner that you get out of the hair dye box's!! brunette one!

20) Perfume: Day - any that is closest!  Night - Ghost sweetheart.  All time fave!!

I tag anyone who reads this!!  What products are you using at the moment?

REVIEW - Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Spray!

I have been using this now for about 3 months and I absolutely love it :)

What is it?

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Spray protects your hair from the intense heat of straightening irons and leaves it shiny and Poker Straight

How to use:

Spray from arms length onto towel dry hair and blow dry. On each section of dry hair before you use your irons, spray again lightly from half an arms length, then iron.

I got mine from boots in the UK.  I got the travel size sample for 1.75 to start off with as i wasnt sure I was going to like it but I did and bought the full size :)  It smells lovely and leaves my hair really soft and shiny.  The travel sizes are a really good idea, I noticed there were a few products on the shelf with sample sizes.  The full size, 200ml is around 5 pounds 20 i think!!

Most products leave my hair really greasy I dont know why!  but not this one i love it! 

Has anyone else ever tried this?  I am thinking of buying more products from the range what do you think?


Computer fixed yay!

my comp has been broke so not posted for a while!!
Its still really really sloooooooow and I hate it!! Waiting for my new laptop to arrive this week woop woop!!!!! cant wait

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Some of my fave everyday products....

Hey everyone - been trying out some new looks with the palettes but my camera is soooo poo!  Not sure if I have done the settings properly but tried to take some pics of a going out look using the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette and could not get a decent pic at all!!  Any tips??!  How do you all take pics of your eyes close up??!!

Anyway - here are some of my favourite everyday products I couldnt live without!!

Nivea Cream - I have such such dry skin this thick cream is the only cream that seems to work on me and I have tried lots!
Loreal true match foundation - this is my fave foundation at present!  It blends sooo well and feels lovely on my skin!
Fake bake bronzy babe bronzing powder
Mac prep and prime powder.  I put this on my T Zone after foundation, its the best powder ever as I have such dry skin!  I cant put it on the rest of my face as my makeup just looks cakey and catches in my skin
UDPP of course!
benefit Lemon Aid - I use this after my primer and before eyeshadow and it gives a good base
Mac blusher in moon river. 
Vaseline!  With a hint of red!
Colossal mascara - only just started using this and so far so good! brush is a little bit, im used to using the loreal telescopic and that brush is quite thin but this really makes my eyelashes look a lot thicker.
Rimmel exaggerate lip liner in ultimate and this goes perfectly with loreal glam shine lipstick in Sweet Nude.  Lipstick is very creamy it looks like you have gloss over the top :)
Brushes I am loving at the moment are My mac 239, mac 217, my elf all over face brush, clinique angled brush to do my brows and my gosh thin pencil brush, ideal for under the eye area!

I did do an eye look but cant seem to take a good pic with my camera.  I will have to play around with it as i am useless!

Byeeee xx

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette :)

Hello everyone - I went into boots and got this today! yaaay!

Still haven't had chance to play around with the french and fabuolous kit yet but hoping to do some looks soon, once I have located the cable for my camera!!  I'v lost it so cant charge it up boooo!!!

I also got the lip liner anti feathering pen thing and got a free gift :) I got a makeup bag and in it you get a too faced shadow insurance sample primer, and a eye liner thing that turns your eyeshadows to liner and a duo eyeshadow!

Pics up soon :) xx

Monday, 4 January 2010

Mini Boots Haul

Here are a few things I got from boots the other day...

Too faced french and fabulous palette

Purple tweezerman mini's

Maybeline Colossal Mascara

Cant wait to play around with them and maybe do some reviews on them :).  Does anyone else have the too  faced palette?  What do you think?

I also really really like the look of the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit....

The packaging is soooo cute!!  What is this like??!!

let me know :) xx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Celebrity Big brother!

I cant waittt for this tonight, I'm really excited - maybe I just need to get a life?!

I was reading in the news of the world today that Alex Reid and Dane Bowers have already been arguing and they aint even in the house yet!! 

Does anyone else watch this?


Stolen tag!!

Seen as though I dont have any friends haha I have stolen this tag from brunette1652  hope she doesn't mind!
Sort of a getting to know me tag as I am new to the blog world yaaaay!

Here goes!

What are you wearing right now?

Its night time and its freeeeezing outside so I'v got my new pajamas, slippers, socks & night gown on!! ALL NEW!! (Can you tell its xmas?)

What's the last thing you read/are currently reading?

Just finished reading the time traveller's wife.. sooo sad :(  I actually cried!! At a BOOK?!!  Before that I finished the book 'The girl who kicked the Hornett's nest' a trilogy thing, loved it!!  read it if you haven't :)

Do you nap a lot?

Sometimes!  when I get in from work and I just cant be bothered to do anything I will fall asleep on the sofa :S

Who was the last person you hugged?

My boyfriend :)  I live with him so I'm with him a lot!

What's your current obsession/addiction?

My new Too Faced french & Fabulous palette :)  just playing around with it as its so new!  I bought it with my xmas vouchers from boots 23.00

What's for dinner?

Dinner was ageeees ago and I made a chicken curry, yom yom! wish there was some left :(

What was the last thing you bought?

The last shop I went to was Boots, i lurrrve that shop!!  Could play in there all day!!  I bought the too faced palette, Sure deodrant, exfoliating gloves (Iv always wanted to try them!), some purple tweezerman tweezers (Always wanted these too - very impressed!!) and erm.... some collosal mascara or however you spell it!  the yellow maybelline one!!

What are you listening to right now?

My Boyfriend on his football game! and my typing

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Hmmm - to be invisible!  To stop time - to go back in time!  To be able to eat anything i want and not put on weight HAHA yeh right! 

What is your favourite weather, and why?

Sunny sunshine!!  love it!! not sure why ha

What time do you usually get up?

When Im at work, early - around 6 and at the weekends, maybe 10!!

What is your most challenging goal right now?

Hmmm maybe to find a new job this year, im really bored of mine :(  Work for the council and its not interesting anymore

Say something to the person who tagged you:

Hellooooooooo!!  This was stolen so sorry haha!

If you could have a house- totally paid for, fully furnished- anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be?

L.A!! Wooooo!!

First post - woo! (Introduction)

I am new to blogging, yaaay! 
been reading everyone's blogs for so long so thought I would join in the fun :)
Im Dani, 24, live in the UK, Middlesbrough (Teesside).  Not sure what this blog will be about yet so will see where it will take me!!
Dani xx