Saturday, 30 January 2010

Superdrug Haul & GOSH Darling!


I went to superdrug earlier as I have read a LOT of people raving about the Gosh lipstick darling.  I wanted to see what all the fuss as about so I got one, yay, the last in the shop!  Looking forward to using this as I haven't really been into the whole Nude lips so I'm really excited about it!  Im kind of in a makeup rut at the moment so need inspiration. 

This colour looks gorgeous on a lot of people's pics in blogs :)

I also got 3 more of my FAVE ever foundations but all in different colours!  Its the Loreal True Match foundation.  I fake tan so every day my colouring is different!  I normally use the shade N4 which I got again but bought it in W1 and W3 also for the days when I am really pale or in between.  These were the only shades left so just got them - not sure how they will look on my skin! 

Swatches of Barry M lip products

Got another Barry M lipgloss too - love these, the number on this one is 4 and more of an iced pink colour.  Its smells like strawberry hubba bubba!!! lovely!  Also got the Lip Lacquer crayon in number 5 but not sure what this is!  the colour is just pretty, does anyone else have this?!  Am looking forward to experimenting with it all.  Im supposed to be saving money :(  its not working!!


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